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SINCE 1982

Traditionally built, modern day performance!

"Finally..."The Bow" after years of searching! All the qualities I've looked for in a bow I found in my Zipper!

Nathan Killen

A true Custom

"Bow's that crave adventure"

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ZIPPER bows are uniquely different and stand out from the crowd. The main feature of any traditional bow is the grip design and we have perfected a naturally comfortable grip that is sure to please.



ZIPPER limbs are well known for delivering unparalleled  performance all the while maintaining quiet, shock free good manners. We offer longbow and recurve limbs available with wood core and fiberglass or foam core and high performance carbon.


No where else can you get a custom made wood quiver that exactly matches your new bow. ZIPPER quivers are actually a slice right off your riser block. They deliver beautiful performance and are an extra touch of class you can only get from ZIPPER bows.


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