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ZIPPER Bow Setup

Congratulations on attaining a ZIPPERYour new bow if treated properly will become a family heirloom.

Before you begin your setup process it is very important to read all the material here first. Here are some does and don't for your new bow.


  • Always use a bow stringer to string and unstring your bow. One is supplied with each new Zipper bow.

  • Keep limb butts and string grooves clean of sand and debris.

  • Wax your bow string. When you notice small frays its time to wax it.

  • Change your string often. Usually once per year.


  • Leave you bow in excessive heat or direct sunlight strung or unstrung. Heat is an enemy of all laminated limbs and dark colored limbs gather heat quicker than light ones. 

  • String your bow without a bow stringer!

  • Use arrows that are too light weight for your bow (see Arrow Weights below)

  • Use a string that is old or too thin.


Your ZIPPER bow warranty states that using arrows that are too light will void your warranty.  We recommend using arrows that are at least 10 grains per pound of your bow weight. Example if your draw weight is 50 pounds at your draw length (10x50=500) you should never use an arrow/point combination less than 500 grains.


There is no right answer but these are good starting points. All shooters have different shooting styles and there are an array of arrows on the market that will perform differently with each setup. We suggest trying your bow at many different brace heights to achieve the best performance and quietness. We measure our brace heights from the deepest part of the grip to the string.


SXT riser - 58" 6-3/4″ – 7″, 60" 6-7/8"- 7-1/8", 62" 7-1/4" - 8"

ZSR riser - 58" 7-3/4″ – 8, 60" 7-7/8"- 8-1/8", 62" 8-1/4" - 9"

Nitro riser - 58" 6-3/4″ – 7, 60" 6-7/8"- 7-1/8", 62" 7-1/4" - 8"


Extreme riser - 6-7/8"- 7-1/8", 62" 7-1/4" - 8", 64" 7-3/4" - 8-1/2"

Standard riser - 60" 7-7/8"- 8-1/8", 62" 8-1/4" - 9", 64" 8-3/4" - 9-1/2"


Generally for optimum brace height, your Zipper bows string should be 3" shorter than the model bow you have with a medium amount of twist in the string. A "medium" amount of twist is 1 twist per inch.

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