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ZIPPER String Info

Your new ZIPPER bow is powered by a fast flight, flemish twist string. This string has been perfected to give the best performance from your bow. Your bow has been pre-tuned prior to shipment. However, your draw length, shooting style and corresponding arrow spine may vary requiring additional tuning for proper arrow flight.

The tied on nocks have not been glued in place. You can screw them up and down the string to find proper nock height for your bow (if you are getting great arrow flight no further tuning is required). Once they are in the proper place screw them up or down a few threads on the serving (about 1/8”) and place a drop of super glue underneath where they were. Then simply screw the nocks back onto the glue and let dry before shooting. (tip: if nocks are too tight and don't easily screw up and down the string, you can mash them gently several times with pliers to loosen them).


Do not use any fast flight string on a bow that the tips are not reinforced to accomodate them.  This can cause tip malfunction and possible inury. Some older ZIPPER bows will not accomadate todays fast flight strings and dacron strings must be used. 


Always use a bow stringer to string and unstring your bow. You may twist a limb or be injured if you do not use a bow stringer. Not using a bow stringer will also void your warranty.

Your new ZIPPER bow string specs:


Materials: String = Mercury, Padded Loops = B50


Number of strands: String 22, Loops 4


Proper String Length = Three inches less than bow


Serving: teflon tape, .024 Halo, teflon tape padded to .110


Your string has been professionally crafted by:

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