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ZIPPER Warranty

To ensure your custom bow is exactly what you want, please call us today @ 502-905-9204.

We can only stand true to our warranty if we know our product is right for you. Please call or email us before ordering any products of zipper bows online. Any failure to contact us via phone or email prior to ordering VOIDS all Warranty on products if default occurs due to a product that doesn't fit, negligence or misuse.


A $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required. Zipper Bows and shipping prices may change at any time and will be passed along to customers order.


Should damage or failure occur to your Zipper bow within a period of one year from the date of original shipment due to materials or workmanship we will repair or replace the bow free of charge. After the one year period, repair will be made at a pro rated cost to the customer. If repair is deemed not possible, replacement will be made on the basis of the current retail price pro rated (over 48 months on risers/12 months on limbs) starting one year from the date of shipment. For example, if the current price of a similar item at the time of replacement is $600.00, the monthly replacement charge from the first anniversary date of shipment would be $12.50 per month calculated as ($600/48months). If this were to happen after 3 years (36 months) from the date of shipment (24 months after the first anniversary date) the replacement cost would be $300 calculated as ($12.50 x 24 months). Replacement will be made with a bow of the same model and material, or as near as possible if models have changed.


The above warranty will apply unless the bow shows evidence of misuse, abuse, alteration, improper handling or storage. This could be evidenced by damage as a result of excessive heat, improper stringing or un-stringing, dry fire or shooting arrows weighing less than eight grains per pound of draw weight. We recommend 8 or more grains per pound of draw weight and 9 grains per pound of draw weight on draw lengths of 30″ or more. Shooting with extremely light arrows results in conditions which significantly increase the possibility of limb or riser damage. No adjustment can be made until the bow is returned for inspection. If it is necessary to return your bow to us for repair be certain to pack it carefully to prevent damage from shipping. To insure that you do not do something that will void your warranty, make sure to always use a bow stringer while assembling, stringing and unstringing your bow. Zipper Bows LLC is not responsible for damage occurred to our product if altered in any way or used on or with other manufacturers products. Zipper Bows LLC. is not responsible for loss or damaged during shipping to or from you, this is the responsibility of the shipping company. A tracking number will be provided upon request and once your package is mailed, the contents is your property and the tracking is your responsibility. If any products are replaced under warranty, the original warranty period does not start over or will it be extended.

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